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Zartek TX8 Twinpack 2 Way radios

Eliminate costly cell phone calls or the time-wasting hassle of running around trying to communicate with the people you need.

These powerful, low cost, super-portable two-way radios are easy to use, reliable and lightweight. They meet high quality standards, are durable and fully approved by ICASA for licence-free use.

Zartek TX-8 provide crystal-clear voice quality, and a line of sight range exceeding 15km (terrain-dependant). Penetration in and around buildings is excellent and any number of users can be in contact at once

Zartek two-way radios are a useful and efficient tool for any application.

Range: (terrain dependent)
Indoors: 600m-1.2km
Outdoors: 2-6km
Elevated line-of-sight: 10-30km


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